Crack filling is an extremely important and vital step in your asphalt maintenance program. Sealing cracks prevents water and moisture penetration bellow your asphalt and eliminates the most common cause of premature asphalt pavement failure and deterioration.
The premium grade crack sealing products we use are engineered for your climate and exact specifications to ensure it will perform in all conditions. They have been thoroughly tested by numerous independent agencies and private studies to ensure they perform as best as possible.
Cracks that are left unfilled and neglected allow moisture, water, snow and ice to penetrate underneath your pavement surfaces. This moisture softens and compromises the base material under your asphalt and pavement surfaces. The continuous freeze-thaw cycles of winter allow the snow and ice to freeze and expand in the walls of the crack, further enlarging it and causing additional damage your parking surface. The process is further accelerated by the shrinking and expanding during hot summer days and cold winter nights.
Universal Seal offers an affordable, cost effective measure to properly seal cracks and stop water penetration bellow your pavement and parking surfaces. This helps you prevent having to perform costly repairs and offers dramatic savings to your long-term pavement maintenance budget.
Hot pour or hot applied crack/joint sealants are superior in every way to cold pour sealants. Hot pour materials work best on cracks up to 3/4″ (three quarters of an inch). Larger cracks can still be sealed by this method to avoid a more expensive method; however, the products typically aren’t designed to stand-up to these types of larger cracks and voids.
The hot crack sealing process is identical to the process used by most municipal, state and government agencies on high traffic highways, road ways, parking lots, airports and have been tested and proven their performance in the most demanding of conditions.
Hot-pour sealants should be used on driveways with many cracks, as well as high-traffic roadways, and commercial parking lots. Hot applied sealants are the best choice for a quality, long lasting crack sealing job. Parking lots, driveways and roadways that are sealed using hot applied rubberized crack sealants can be reopened to traffic as soon as the material is cool. Depending on outside temperatures, this can be as fast as asphaltic-concrete5 to 20 minutes after sealing the cracks.

  • Full Fleet of Oil Jacketed and Direct Fire Equipment
  • Experienced with full line of Deery and Crafco products
  • Quality Department Environmental dust standards.
  • 24 Hour Service when requested for minimal inconveinience to you daily operations.
  • Crafco Oil Jackted machines capable of installing in excess of 11,000 pounds of Crack sealant per day.


Eliminate Liability Risks

Repairing cracks and potholes help eliminate liability risks for home owners, property owners and property managers. Cracks and potholes can pose a serious safety hazard, especially for pedestrians, crack-filling-1children and the elderly. Cracks can cause trips and falls, as well as twisted knees and ankles.
Larger cracks can trap bicycle and car tires, canes, roller blades and can even cause a loss of vehicle control repairing cracks not only helps significantly extend the life of your pavement, but also helps eliminate liability risks and can prevent insurance claims and lawsuits.